Vital X 430 Elite

Descrizione Balestra

New for 2024, the Vital X 430 Elite excels in performance with industry-leading X-Cam™ technology to produce the smoothest, fastest, and easiest to draw 430 fps crossbow on the market!

The Vital X 430 outperforms the competition in its price range and delivers superior accuracy thanks to a fully synchronized cam system and CNC machined aluminum rail! X-Cam™ requires less effort to draw than most crossbows with its impressive 50% let-off design and shoots quieter with less vibration for the ultimate hunting crossbow.

Ultra-narrow at rest, the Vital X 430 measures only 6.75 inches axle-to-axle when cocked, making it very comfortable to shoulder. The Vital X 430 was designed to be compact, well-balanced, and an easy to maneuver crossbow for any shooter.

Paired with the premium Killer Instinct® Speed Ring Scope with speed calibrated reticle, this crossbow is sure to produce deadly results!

Adjustable length buttstock, interchangeable pistol grip, and a picatinny rail mounted foregrip provide a fully customizable platform to provide superior comfort.


Quickly attach and remove the Compact DSC™ Narrow Sled Crank (not included) to easily cock the Crossbow.

Prevents the crossbow from being fired without a bolt properly loaded.

Includes the Killer Instinct Elite Package with an upgraded 1.5-5×32 Speed Ring™ Scope, quick-detach quiver, (4) premium 20” 390 gr Hypr™ bolts with field points, (1) Killertech™ Broadhead (100 Grains), (1) Decocking Point, Sled Rope Cocker and Rail Lube.

Killer Instinct backs the Vital X 430 with an industry leading limited Lifetime Warranty included to cover standard, non-wearable parts for the life of the crossbow to the original registered owner.

Dati Balestra

Anno di Produzione: 2024
Peso: 7.8 lbs
Power Stroke: 15 pollici
Peso dardi di fabbrica: 390 gr
Tipo di cocca: Half Moon
Lunghezza dei dardi: 20 pollici HYPR
Velocità di uscita dei dardi: 430 fps
Peso della Punta: 100 gr
Lunghezza: 35 – 37.75 pollici
Larghezza Carica: 6.75 pollici
Larghezza Scarica: 10.75 pollici
Larghezza Asse/Asse Carica:
Larghezza Asse/Asse Scarica:
Potenza di Carico: 195 lbs
Energia: 152 ft lbs

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