Titan 400

Descrizione Balestra

Our all-time best-selling crossbow, now 40 feet-per-second faster with silent cocking. Meet the Titan 400™.

Shooting 400 FPS and measuring 9.5” narrow, the NEW Titan 400 is equipped with the ACUdraw Silent™ (patented) and Pro-View™ 400 Scope to create an unbeatable crossbow value.

The best-in-class ACUdraw Silent is the easiest ACUdraw to operate – providing silent cocking and reducing the draw weight to just 5-lbs. for easy & effortless cocking. Plus, this system is fully integrated into the crossbow, so you never need to worry about forgetting your cocking rope!

Features & Benefits

  • NEW ACUdraw Silent: Easiest ACUdraw to operate – providing silent cocking and reducing the draw weight to just 5 lbs. for easy & effortless cocking.
  • T5™ Trigger: 3 ½ – pound trigger features a string latch design that reduces friction to deliver a crisp consistent break for increased accuracy.
  • NEW 70-yard Pro-View 400 Scope: Offers aimpoints out to 70-yards and features an updated reticle for a cleaner view and greater down-range accuracy.
  • Lightweight 6-pounds and Compact Profile: More mobility and more shot opportunities in the field by reducing the chance for cam/limb contact in the stand or blind.
  • Bow hook: Easily hang your bow in the stand.
  • Integrated String Stop System: Reduces noise and vibration.

Dati Balestra

Anno di Produzione: 2024
Peso: 6 lbs
Power Stroke: 12 pollici
Peso dardi di fabbrica: 410 gr
Tipo di cocca: Alpha-Blaze
Lunghezza dei dardi: 20 pollici .003
Velocità di uscita dei dardi: 400 fps
Peso della Punta:
Lunghezza: 33 pollici
Larghezza Carica:
Larghezza Scarica:
Larghezza Asse/Asse Carica: 9.75 pollici
Larghezza Asse/Asse Scarica: 13 pollici
Potenza di Carico: 215 lbs (– lbs con carichino meccanico)
Energia: 146 ft. lbs

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