Renegade 370

Descrizione Balestra

The Renegade 370 perfectly exemplifies what a compact crossbow should be in terms of performance and handling. This model is meticulously crafted with an emphasis on precision, comfort, and durability. Delivering fifty-yard, nickel-sized groups is child’s play for the Renegade 370, showcasing its extraordinary accuracy.
True to its name, this crossbow shoots at a legitamate 370+ FPS using a 400-grain arrow.

Here, we don’t promise ‘up to’ speeds but deliver authentic velocity with real-life arrows. And one of its most notable features: it’s incredibly quiet. Our exhaustive testing shows that the Renegade 370 is one of the quietest crossbows on the market.

Equipped with an AR platform stock, a Picatinny rail grip, and an exceptionally robust Picatinny rail for the scope, this model is designed for ultimate reliability. The Renegade 370, built by experts for enthusiasts, truly stands out. For most users, an aluminum sled for easy cocking is included, eliminating the need for a silent crank.

Dati Balestra

Anno di Produzione: 2023
Peso: 8.9 lbs
Power Stroke: 12.5 pollici
Peso dardi di fabbrica: 400 gr
Tipo di cocca:
Lunghezza dei dardi: 20 pollici .001
Velocità di uscita dei dardi: 370+ fps
Peso della Punta:
Lunghezza: 30.5 pollici
Larghezza Carica:
Larghezza Scarica:
Larghezza Asse/Asse Carica: 10 1/2 pollici
Larghezza Asse/Asse Scarica: 13 1/4 pollici
Potenza di Carico: 195 lbs (– lbs con carichino meccanico)

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